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Specially Developed Piano & Keyboard Lessons For Beginners

Learn How To Quickly Play Popular Piano & Keyboard Songs With No Musical Knowledge.

EASY, step-by-step method THAT REALLY WORKS! You will be playing STUNNING Piano & Keyboard songs FAST, without having to spend years taking traditional lessons. Read on...

Watch this video closely. Now YOU can also learn the secret of quickly learning to play songs without reading ANY musical score:

From the desk of Samantha Griffiths (Grade 8 Piano Teacher)

Welcome fellow music lover,

Youíre about to discover...

  • How to save $80 plus per week on a private Piano tutor.
  • How to play popular songs on your piano or keyboard without the time and hassle of taking years of lessons.
  • The secret of sounding like youíve been playing for years after only 40 minutes of practice.
  • How you can be playing some of the most popular songs around in no time at all without having to learn to read music.
  • How to give yourself the confidence boost you need to be the center of entertainment and attention at your next party.
  • A fun way to get young children & adults playing some easy songs quickly and really loving playing the Piano or Keyboard.
  • How to inspire yourself into playing the Piano or Keyboard by realizing how quickly and easily you can be up and running.
  • How to finally put an end to wasting hours of your time trawling through endless Youtube videos that lead you down a dead end or just confuse you; These beautiful arrangements are complete and ready to play, designed specifically for beginners.
  • How to recognize notes and chords by ear so that you can teach yourself ANY new song quickly, just by listening to it.
  • How to impress family, friends or someone you like by playing some cool songs on Piano or Keyboard without needing to take sheet music everywhere you go.
  • How to put a tick in the box next to 'Learn A Musical Instrument' in your 'bucket list' or 'things I would love to achieve in my life' list.
  • The feeling of joy and satisfaction that comes from playing complete songs that you love with ease, not just little bits of this song and little bits of that song.
  • How to increase your intelligence and brain health...Yes, scientific research has PROVED that learning to play a musical instrument is the BEST way to actually create brand new cells in your brain regardless of your age. It's the ULTIMATE workout for your grey matter.

I almost gave up until I found this package...
"I absolutely love it!!! Thank you so much. I almost gave up until I found this package. I am so excited now and canít stop playing..."

Yvonne van der Westhuizen
- South Africa



Dear aspiring Piano or Keyboard player,

If youíd like to be playing your first full length, impressive song on the Piano or Keyboard in less than 1 hour from now then this letter will show you how.


Hereís why...

My name is Samantha Griffiths and Iíve been a working musician for over 15 years now.

I hold a Grade 8 in the Piano and IĎve taught hundreds of people to play the Piano and Keyboard in my time.

I'm passionate about music, especially Piano & Keyboard music.

It provides a lot of joy and excitement in my life.

I also love seeing the look excitement and pleasure on my studentís faces when they realize that playing the Piano or Keyboard is something that everyone can do no matter what age or ability.

For limited time only I want to share with you the secrets of playing the Piano and Keyboard like a pro, with less time and effort than you ever imagined.


I'm already playing complete songs...
"Thanks to your course I can now play some easy songs all the way through."

Marion Plummer - Canada


Hereís what itís all about...

Several years ago I had a particularly "difficult" student to teach.

Letís call her Linda for the sake of this story.

Now Linda was typical of some of the students who come to me every month.

She was not interested in wading through reams of Piano theory or learning how to read music.

She did not want to "waste her time", as she called it, by learning all that "Piano grade stuff" but she told me she just wanted to learn how to play some of the songs of her favorite artists ASAP!

She also admitted to me that she also liked the idea of being able to play some tunes on the piano at parties or gatherings where her friends or family would be watching.

Linda had tried many things before to learn how to play the Piano.

Maybe some of them sound familiar?

She had trawled YouTube looking for snippets of info here and there and had subscribed to a number of ebooks on how to play the Piano and Keyboard only to find herself more confused than ever.

By the time she got to me she was exhausted and frustrated.

I knew that treating her like a regular student who wants to learn Classical Piano would be a waste of time.

I had to come up with a different approach to teach her how to play.

I realized I needed to work on what excited Linda in order to teach her how to play, so I tried something radically different...

...I threw my music theory book out the window.

I just dived right into to teaching her how to play her favorite songs.

I realized if I could get her enthused enough about her favorite song... I could then teach her theory later if she wanted.

Once I got her excited...there was no stopping her.

I knew this idea would work from the second I saw Lindaís face light up as she played one of her favorite "Coldplay" songs.

This was the beginning of my new lightening fast Piano & Keyboard teaching system.

I called it A.S.A.Piano.

Hereís how it works...

Most piano and keyboard teachers will start with the theory, months of repetitive scales and then standard sheets of music before you get to play your favorite songs.

I do something very different.

I get you playing your favorite songs quickly and effortlessly by ear first, so you get straight to the good stuff.

My UNIQUE TEACHING METHOD uses left and right hand note combinations to create stylish, impressive, complete pieces of music that anyone can quickly learn to play, and what's more the technique can be used to play ANY song.

Itís easy to pick up and faster than you could have ever imagined.

It makes learning piano or keyboard fun and rewarding, and when you're having fun and at the same time getting big rewards, you stay with it.

This is the essence of A.S.A.Piano, and hundreds of people have learned to play piano or keyboard using my teaching method.



Even other piano teachers RAVE about A.S.A.Piano.

"This system is amazing. The tuition steps are clear, concise and straight forward to follow. Having taught keyboard for a number of years I would highly recommend A.S.A.Piano. Before you know it youíll be playing with ease!"
Dee Mitchell - Piano tutor


You can check it out now...

Start Now
Samantha Griffiths

Watch this FREE 8 minute beginners video lesson.
"Ok, it helps to know a tiny bit of theory, but if you can understand the basic principles of this single lesson then you will find the A.S.A.Piano song collections very easy to play..."

View the basic PDF guide to piano & keyboard skills online >>

...That wasn't too difficult was it? Believe it or not in just 8 minutes you have made a great amount of progress and have already gained the very foundations that EVERY experienced pianist & keyboard player uses when playing. Here's what you now know:

• All the notes on the keyboard
• What an octave is
• How to find middle C
• The basics of sharps and flats
• Fingering patterns and numbers on each hand
• How to position your hands and fingers over the keys
• How to sit with correct posture

Hey...congratulations, because you my friend are officially no longer a complete beginner. By watching the above free video lesson you've taken a huge step forward.

But more importantly we can now put your newly acquired skills into playing some truly impressive songs that will have your family and friends spellbound.

The video above gave you a brief taste of what the A.S.A.Piano 'Instant Playing Method' is all about.


It brings me joy and accomplishment...
"The program is put together very well, the downloads always work, printouts are great. Brings me much joy and accomplishment."
Ginter Shatz - US

A.S.A.Piano - The Instant Playing Method
Popular Classics

Choose your style!
Whatever you want to play A.S.A.Piano has it covered.
Popular Classics, Beautiful Ballads or Gospel Songs.

The one hour popular song repertoires are designed to be played within 1 month of beginning the course. Some people play them much quicker, others like to take their time. Whatever way you decide is fine.

Size doesn't matter...even if youíre a complete beginner.

The unique thing about the A.S.A.Piano method is that you can play the song arrangements on any size keyboard, from a child's small toy keyboard to a grand piano.

No other teaching system is specifically designed for this and it's why A.S.A.Piano is ideal for beginners because you can learn great songs on whatever keyboard you have to hand.

keyboard sizes

Take your lessons with you.

Every lesson is compatible with PC, Apple Macintosh, iPad, Kindle Fire, all handheld's/mobiles, media players, XBox and Sony Playstation.

You have access to ALL formats, so no matter where you are you will always conveniently have your lessons with you.

Learning how to use the A.S.A.Piano method is 'Child's Play'...

I was delighted to receive this home video from 7 year old Lily-Mae. By using the simple concepts of A.S.A.Piano she has learned to play her favorite song 'Stay With Me' without using any musical score. Way to go Lily-Mae!

You do not need to be a genius to play ALL these fact you don't even need to be able to read a single note of music.

Let It Be

These are the actual audio files of the songs that you are about to learn to play.
Click the players below and imagine YOURSELF playing these great songs TODAY:

The Popular Classics Collection
pop classics

Play 10 'timeless' classic songs written by some of the worlds most popular artists.

Lesson 1 - Let It Be (The Beatles): Play this classic song in your very first lesson. (level of difficulty: very easy) *Play this complete song in just 40 minutes

Listen Now:

Lesson 2 - Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison): One of the best known 'sing-a-long' songs. This one will have everyone joining in. (level of difficulty: very easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 3 - Country Roads (John Denver): Raise the tempo and the roof again with one of the most well known country songs ever written. (level of difficulty: very easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 4 - Imagine (John Lennon): Possibly his finest work and a fabulous song to play on piano and keyboard. (level of difficulty: easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 5 - Hound Dog (Elvis Presley): This is the perfect song to get any party going with a swing. (level of difficulty: easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 6 - Suspicious Minds (Elvis Presley): Elvis's classic hit. A Fantastic arrangement with a beautiful middle section that sounds and feels great to play. (level of difficulty: easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 7 - Candle In The Wind (Elton John): No repertoire would be complete without this song. One of the biggest selling hits of all time. (level of difficulty: moderate/easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 8 - Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams): This is one of the biggest selling rock songs and you just never tire of hearing it. (level of difficulty: moderate/easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 9 - American Pie (Don Mclean): The ultimate sing-a-long song. Whether you play guitar, piano or keyboard you simply must have a version of this classic ready for any occasion. (level of difficulty: moderate/easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 10 - Mama Mia (ABBA): Another classic arrangement from the masters of pop music. (level of difficulty: moderate)

Listen Now:

The Beautiful Ballads Collection
Beautiful Ballads

Have you always dreamed of playing pieces of music on Piano or Keyboard that make you or anyone listening to you tingle with emotion?

Then here are 10 heart-stirring ballads that you can start playing on your Piano or keyboard today.

Lesson 1 - Annie's Song (John Denver): Play this classic song written by this legendary singer songwriter in your very first lesson. (level of difficulty: very easy) *Play this complete song in just 40 minutes

Listen Now:

Lesson 2 - I Can't Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley): One of Elvis's best loved ballads and a beautiful song arrangement. (level of difficulty: very easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 3 - Use Somebody (Kings Of Leon): This is sure to be a long term classic ballad from the kings of country rock. (level of difficulty: very easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 4 - Wind Beneath My Wings (Bette Midler): Recorded by many artists but made famous by Bette Midler this song hit the top of the charts in 1988 as the theme from the film 'Beaches'. (level of difficulty: easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 5 - With Or Without You (U2): Not really known for their ballads, U2 wrote an absolute classic, haunting song which is known around the world. (level of difficulty: easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 6 - Always (Bon Jovi): American heart throb Jon Bon Jovi melted many hearts with his classic ballad. (level of difficulty: easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 7 - Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (Elton John): With a career spanning over 5 decades, Elton John knows how to write a ballad or two and this song is really beautiful to play on piano or keyboard. (level of difficulty: moderate/easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 8 - I Will Always Love You (Whitney Houston): What can anyone say about Whitney Houston? From one of the all time great female singers, this ballad showed off her true ability. A truly moving song and film. (level of difficulty: moderate/easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 9 - My Heart Will Go On (Theme From Titanic): Still one of the biggest films ever, this ballad is just beautiful, haunting and and amazing piece of piano and keyboard music. (level of difficulty: moderate/easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 10 - I Will Do Anything For Love (Meatloaf): A mini rock opera in it's own right, this ballad takes you on a roller coaster of emotion. Just a brilliant piece of musical arrangement and melody. (level of difficulty: moderate)

Listen Now:

The Gospel Collection
Gospel Collection

I absolutely love the Gospel Collection of songs. It doesn't matter if you are religious or not, Gospel music is inspirational, spiritually uplifting and also great to play on piano or keyboard.

Gospel music also contains many elements of Blues, Jazz & Rock, so it's a great place for any beginner to start at.

The song arrangements show a very easy lesson followed by a more complete lesson with chord patterns, so in effect they are all actually 2 lessons in 1.

Lesson 1 - Amazing Grace: (level of difficulty: very easy) *Play this complete song in just 40 minutes

Listen Now:

Lesson 2 - Seeing Is Believing: (level of difficulty: very easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 3 - Hallelujah: (level of difficulty: easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 4 - Go Tell It On The Mountain: (level of difficulty: easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 5 - I Give Myself Away: (level of difficulty: easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 6 - What A Friend I Have In Jesus: (level of difficulty: easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 7 - Down By The Riverside: (level of difficulty: easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 8 - Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot: (level of difficulty: moderate/easy

Listen Now:

Lesson 9 - Will Circle Be Unbroken: (level of difficulty: moderate/easy)

Listen Now:

Lesson 10 - I Believe: (level of difficulty: moderate/easy)

Listen Now:


I can't wait to play my next song...
"I can almost play Let It Be and I can't wait to get to Brown Eyed Girl."
Matt Scroggins - (after just 1 day of using A.S.A.Piano)


Warning! You'll sound so good during your first song lesson that you may need to pinch yourself to believe it's actually you playing.

Now, I will admit that the song lessons are a little bit 'do as I do'.

Using my unique teaching system I literally take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how to play each section of the song. It's very quick and easy for beginners to follow because you do not become confused by too much theory first.

Each song lesson comes complete with its own video (with me showing you in detail how to play the song), print sheets (these are not musical notes but step by step, note by note, finger by finger instructions), plus an audio MP3 of the entire song so that you know what you are trying to achieve.

You can pause, rewind and watch the detailed video sequences as many times as you like, whilst referring to the convenient print sheets and audio support tools for every lesson.

If you have watched the beginners 8 minute video above then you will already recognize the format of the video lessons.

This is an example of the EASY song lesson video format:

How To Use A.S.A.Piano

The secret of A.S.A.Piano is motivation and goals and there is no better way of being motivated than hearing yourself playing a recognizable tune and thinking 'am I really playing like this?

The song lessons get progressively more challenging gradually introducing you to new techniques, so that by the time you have reached lesson 10 in any of the collections then you will have attained many of the skills required to play just about ANY piano or keyboard song to a high standard.

You will learn chords, notes, melody, fingering patterns, rhythm & timing, not by burying your head in theory books hour after hour, day after day but instead by playing complete songs.


I started playing songs at 73 years old...
"Even as a 73 year old new music student, I am able to learn the songs thanks to your excellent lessons."
Dave Mcphee - Aged 73 - Canada


3 big reasons why you should at least give this fast and easy music teaching system a go...

1) You can be playing your favorite songs in just 40 minutes time.

Unlike other courses out there where you have to study for months and spend hours learning theory... You can bypass all of that immediately.

You can be feeling that sense of excitement in less than an hour from now as you hear yourself belt out one of your favorite songs on the keyboard or Piano.

2) You save yourself a fortune on Piano or Keyboard lessons.

You can pay anything up to $80 and more an hour for a Piano or Keyboard lesson, multiply that by the weeks and months you can spend before you will even be able to play a single song.

As you will soon see...investing in A.S.A.Piano will cost you a fraction of what you can shell out on music lessons.

3) You can be the center of attention in any room that has a Piano or Keyboard.

I love to see the excitement in peopleís faces when they recognize a tune they love and they really enjoy listening to.

You can be experiencing that wonderful feeling of having all eyes and ears in the room on you before the day is out.



Order A.S.A.Piano Today & Get The Celebration Collection Valued at $37.95 YOUR'S FREE.

It's always great to have some REALLY EASY songs to play when there's a party and what better time is there than Christmas and New Year.

Grown ups and kids alike really love to join in with a sing-a-long and YOU could be the person this year that brings family and friends together in celebration!

With the A.S.A.Piano 'Instant Playing System' you can quickly learn 8 popular Christmas Carols, The New Year song 'Auld Lang Syne' as well as an impressive arrangement of Happy Birthday.

Start Learning these impressive Christmas songs TODAY, just in time for the festive season!

Click the players below to hear the exact version that you can learn on piano or keyboard.

Listen Now - Maryís boychild

Listen Now - I saw three ships

Listen Now - Deck the halls

Listen Now - Little donkey

Listen Now - Away in a manger

Listen Now - We wish you a merry Christmas

Listen Now - Silent night

Listen Now - Jingle bells

Listen Now - Auld Lang Syne (perfect for New Year's Eve)

Listen Now - Happy Birthday


But wait, there's even more!

Discover the secret of coordinating your left and right hand so that your fingers will be dancing around the keys like a pro by this time next week.

A huge obstacle for all beginners is coordinating the left and right hand, but I have a unique system that makes it very easy to do.

I normally sell this unique teaching method separately, but if you order today I can share the secret of perfect coordination with you absolutely free.

Watch both left and right hand patterns in sequence, indicating PRECISELY when your left hand should play and PRECISELY when your right hand should play.

Coordination is just like riding a bike, so once you have learned how you will never forget.

This is the fastest way I know to play the Piano or Keyboard.

Using traditional methods to learn piano or keyboard, how long do you think it would realistically take you to reach the standard to be able to play complete songs to this level?

1 month? 3 months? 8 months?

I can tell you how long because I used to teach people using the traditional format. If you were a typical student learning traditional techniques you would be doing very well to be playing great sounding song arrangements like these in 2 years.

No beginner ever had this much confidence and power...until now.

Picture yourself sitting down at your piano or keyboard TODAY and playing classic songs with the confidence and flair that no beginner has any right to possess.

Imagine the look of shock on your friends and familyís faces when they hear what you can do.

This is YOUR CHANCE to take real ACTION and experience it today.

Someone wise once said - "A journey of a thousand miles starts with one single step." - You can begin your musical journey today.

All these fabulous lessons are yours in less than five minutes from now.

It would take you many months and cost you a lot of money if you tried to collect all this information and software yourself, PLUS there is:

• NO shipping or postage cost.
• NO waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for delivery.
• NO danger of products being lost or damaged in the mail.
• NO RISK to your pocket - Your satisfaction is protected by my 60 day, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy for whatever reason.
• NO subscription fees or ongoing costs - A.S.A.Piano is a one time only payment for the full course.
• You receive A.S.A.Piano at an incredibly low price because as a downloadable product it costs me less to produce.

You will gain access to the A.S.A.Piano Members Area immediately, so you can discover these amazing piano & keyboard songs within five minutes! Even if you have never downloaded something from the internet before it comes with instructions, so it's 3 easy steps...

How to claim your copy of A.S.A.Piano.

3 simple steps

The fastest way to order is online with ClickBank's SECURE SERVER. Clickbank is one of the internet's leading third party credit card processors. Keep in mind that when you use ClickBank's order form, I do not have any access to your credit card information at any stage, ClickBank is one of the most widely used and secure credit card processing companies and you can be certain that your details are completely secure.


You can also claim your copy of A.S.A.Piano through Paypal Secure Checkout using any major credit card or a Paypal account.

Once you click the ďadd to cartĒ below and make payment you will be given instant access to the system.

This is the smart way to learn Piano & Keyboard because you attain all the core skills whilst mastering complete songs. Here are those amazing song collections again...

The Popular Classics Lessons

Popular Classics

American Pie - Don Mclean | Let It Be - The Beatles | Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley | Imagine - John Lennon | Candle In The Wind - Elton John | Hound Dog - Elvis Presley | Summer Of 69 - Bryan Adams | Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison | Country Roads - John Denver | Mama Mia - Abba

add to cart

Price $34.95 (plus Theory Made Easy Bonus Lessons)

The Beautiful Ballads Lessons

Beuatiful Ballads

Annie's Song - John Denver | I Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley | Use Somebody - Kings Of Leon | Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler | With or Without You - U2 | Always - Bon Jovi | Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Elton John | I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston | My Heart Will Go On (Theme From Titanic) - Celine Dion | I Will Do Anything For Love - Meatloaf

add to cart

Price $34.95 (plus Theory Made Easy Bonus Lessons)

The Gospel Lessons

Gospel Collection

Amazing Grace | Seeing Is Believing | Hallelujah | Go Tell It On The Mountain | I Give Myself Away | What A Friend I Have In Jesus | Down By The Riverside | Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot | Will Circle Be Unbroken | I Believe

add to cart

Price $34.95 (plus Theory Made Easy Bonus Lessons)


attention offer
Special Offer

I usually offer the song lesson collections at $34.95 each, but as a limited offer I'm opening up the entire members area and the super bonuses for a special 'bundle' price of just $37.

That's immediate, unlimited access to your own 3 hour repertoire of piano & keyboard songs, plus the Theory Made Easy course should you wish to learn how to read musical score.

Special Combo

Popular Classics Lessons $34.95
Beautiful Ballads Lessons $34.95
The Gospel Lessons $34.95
*Special Festive bonus* - Celebration Collection! $34.95
Super Bonus - Theory Made Easy $34.95


(Just to put this special offer into perspective for you, including the super bonuses it works out at less than $1 per lesson with an experienced piano & keyboard teacher.)

NOTE: This is a temporary special offer and will be taken down without notice at any time. Grab it now to lock in your huge savings!

This offer must end midnight or after the next 20 orders!


"Yes Samantha, I want to play stunning piano & keyboard now!"


Instant Download Product - 24 Hours a Day - 7 Days a Week - 365 Days a Year

Secure Online Ordering Via Clickbank or Paypal
ClickBank is one of the most widely used and secure credit card processing companies and you can be certain that your details are completely secure. Click here to see the Clickbank Security Policy

There is absolutely nothing more to pay. No subscription fees, no hidden costs or ongoing membership payments that just keep draining your bank account each month once you have signed up. Everything you need is included via the exclusive members area.


To your success

Regards Samantha

Samantha Griffiths
Grade 8 piano & keyboard teacher & creator of A.S.A.Piano

Should you have any questions then please contact me directly.
I will always answer any email personally:

P.S. - Discover how to play your favorite song on the Piano or Keyboard in just 40 minutes from now.

P.S.S. - Be the center of attention at your next party as you play one popular tune after another.

P.S.S.S. - Remember, the lessons are compatible with your computer AND your mobile phone, so you can even carry on learning on your lunch break!

The only thing holding you back now is YOU. But let me make your decision even easier for's RISK FREE!

100% Money Back Guarantee

I know youíre going to absolutely love A.S.A.Piano, the super bonuses and one to one personal support I provide.

If however you donít think this is absolutely the best piano and keyboard course that you have ever come across or if you are unhappy for any reason whatsoever, then just email me within 60 days saying you want your money back (no explanation needed) and you will get an instant refund, plus you get to keep the entire course for free with my best wishes. I cannot make your decision any easier.


Check out what other people are saying about A.S.A.Piano...


Watch 10 year old Kaily playing her first ever song.
This delightful video was sent to me by Kaily's gran. Here's what she said...

"Dear samantha, we've enjoyed watching Kaily learn from your program. She's learning Brown-Eyed Girl now, and got part of it learned in about ten minutes, she's excited!"
Lynn Womack



I almost gave up until I found this package...
"Dear Samantha
I bought the beginner lessons & I absolutely love it!!! Thank you so much. I almost gave up until I found this package. I am so excited now and canít stop playing.

I have been to about 20 sites on the internet until I found yours. The other sites are good as well, but yours is the only one that inspired me and gave me hope. It truly is the BEST site for beginners. I could really play a song in 40 minutes, just as you promised. I will continue to only use your site in the future."
Yvonne van der Westhuizen - South Africa


I can now play songs all the way through...
"Thank you for a wonderful method of teaching Samantha. I'm 61 years old and never thought I'd have chance to learn to play piano.

Thanks to your course I can now play some easy songs all the way through."
Marion Plummer - Canada



A.S.A.Piano is fantastic!
"Many thanks to Samantha and the piano & keyboard course. I am retired and have more time now. With the many courses I have viewed or used, A.S.A.Piano is fantastic! Besides the support, the program is put together very well, the downloads always work, printouts are great and even better with the new Ipad and Iphone I have all my material with me. No reason not to practice or just read the material. Brings me much joy and accomplishment.

Thank You Samantha for all you have put together and the support available even though we are many miles away. Great Job!!!"
Ginter Shatz - US


It's perfect for my iPad...
"Thanks Samantha for your fast track affordable course; it's really useful to learn and view on my iPad, a perfect combination when sat on top of my keyboard music rest!"

Mark Tarrant - UK


The course has given me confidence...
"I am really enjoying the course. I would like to say the course has given me the confidence to tackle a song like Titanic, and although I read music I wouldnít have attempted it without your arrangement and video! I've studied it with the printout and video and think I've cracked it! Anyway it sounds epic to me. Kind regards."

Hayley - UK


I can finally call myself a pianist...
"Thank you for your wonderful lessons Samantha. I have gone from someone who couldn't play a note on piano, to feeling like I can actually call myself a pianist. Something that I have always wanted to be but just never put my mind to it until now."

Lanny Tait - Ohio


I can't wait to play my next song...
"Thank you so much for this course. I don't know if you plan on doing any more songs but I would definitely like to be first on the list when you do. I can almost play Let It Be and I can't wait to get to Brown Eyed Girl."

Matt Scroggins - (after just 1 day of using A.S.A.Piano)


I'm playing songs after 2 days...
"Dear Samantha, I downloaded your course about two days ago and frankly I am very impressed with your teaching system. It contains way more information than I was expecting and I am now playing along with the lessons and enjoying the course, although my hands are a little stiff at the moment I'm hoping that will improve as I practice. Thank you again."

Oscar Diaz - New York


My young daughter is now also playing the songs...
"Hi Samantha and thanks for the quick reply to my question. In answer to yours I have no problem giving you a testimonial. Your course is exactly what I needed to get me motivated to learn piano because I can now play some simple but effective pieces of music. I'm enjoying the lessons immensely and you've made them so easy to follow that I'm now showing my young daughter how to play some of the songs too!"

Julia Harris - UK


I gave up on Youtube...
"I'd tried using things I'd found on Youtube over the past few months but had become frustrated at my lack of progress and poor quality of the tutorials. I look forward to my 30 minutes playing time every day now, so thanks again."


I'm amazed by the resources...
"Hi Samantha. Thank you for your piano tutorials. I was amazed to see just how many great resources you have provided along with the song lessons and can't wait to go through everything this evening."
Chris Seymour - California


I played 'Let It Be' in my first ever keyboard lesson...
"I've only had the download for a few days but I can already play 'Let It Be'. I'm really pleased with the progress I've made in such a short space of time. Many thanks Samantha."
Kathy Watson - London


I'm able to play something that sounds good...
"You've clearly put a lot of effort and thought into the teaching material. I'm actually able to play something that sounds good for a change. Well done and many thanks for giving me the confidence to play in front of my family now."

M. Simpson


I find the lessons accurate & easy to follow...
"Very nice tutorial, very thorough, accurate and your videos are really easy to follow, regardless of the tune. Well done Samantha, you've put a fantastic amount of effort into your tutorials."



I'm playing with my mum...
"My friend told me about your piano song lessons so my mum has downloaded the full course and it's really good."

Molly - Aged 11 - UK


I love playing the songs...
"I am 62 years by age and a retired person. I am learning Keyboard for one year. Your lessons are a big help to me and show me how to play songs. Best regards from your student."
Alphonso-aged 62 - India


I can't wait to practice...
"I have progressed far more quickly with your course than others I have tried before. I seemed to spend more time working out the notes to play with other courses, instead of actually playing them. I can't wait to get some more practice done, I have only had your course for 2 days but I am really impressed with it.

I would certainly recommend you to anyone who wants to learn the piano/keyboard.

Thank you once again, you are a star :)"
Mike Bilham - UK

Vincent Long

I think the lessons are really great...
"I have recently purchased A.S.A.Piano lessons. I have only been using them for a few weeks.

So the question is am I happy with them?

The answer is yes. Absolutely. They are really great.

Before I bought them I had some doubts, so I contacted Samantha and her response was really quick and so helpful.

I have found that the course material is perfect for me as a beginner.

You get PDF files that you can print out. You get videos which are great and so simple to follow. Samantha explains everything in such a simple way that it is really easy to follow. She plays everything slowly, and the clear method of her teaching makes it easy, then when you learn it you can pick up the tempo yourself, it really is great.

Samantha promises to give on-line help in any way that she can and I have found her to be as good as her word.

I know that anyone who decides to purchase the A.S.A.Piano lessons will be very happy with them.

God Bless and enjoy, yours faithfully."
Vincent Long - Co Kilkenny - Ireland


This is easily the best course I've found...
"I am really enjoying the lessons. Like many others I looked all over the internet for lessons and thought I would give your course a try. I am very impressed with the way these are set up. They are very easy to follow. There is no magic spell, you have to practice, but all the tools are there and it is very encouraging when in a short period of time you can be playing something that sounds good and keeps getting better.

For anyone really serious about learning piano I can tell you that this is the best that I have found and very easy to download and follow. Thanks again Samantha"
Rod Y - Iowa


I would definitely recommend A.S.A.Piano...
"I have now been enrolled in your course for four weeks, and even as a 73 year old new music student, I am still motivated to keep practising and playing due to the simplicity and ease with which I am able to learn the songs thanks to your excellent lessons. I must also commend you for the prompt response to my email question regarding access to the members area.

I would definitely recommend A.S.A.Piano to anyone looking to learn to play piano or as in my case keyboard. Cheers."
Dave Mcphee - Aged 73 - Canada


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