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About A.S.A.Piano!

A.S.A.Piano is designed to teach beginners to piano how to play easy but impressive musical arrangements of classic songs. It contains everything a beginner needs including videos, audio and printable tutorials that shows step by step exactly how to play 12 great songs, plus 2 bonus songs.

It also shows complete beginners how to play all the chords they need, plus some more advanced techniques for them to build towards. The songs are purposely chosen to become progressively more challenging which in turn promotes a natural yet fun learning curve. This means that customers will have a long term target, plus they have the added bonus of becoming exclusive members of the A.S.A.Piano forum where they can request extra help and tuition.

Now, don't be put off by all the free videos that are plastered all over youtube offering to teach people how to play songs on piano. We actually like those videos and we use them to our advantage. They are really just there to whet the appetite of our customers because most free online resources are either substandard or incomplete and just a big disappointment. This just sends customers our way because what we offer is a complete package that is of real value which saves them time.

About Samantha Griffiths - Piano Tutor

Samantha Griffiths

Samantha is a dedicated musician specializing in Piano and Keyboard tuition. She has played for over 20 years and still has a huge enthusiasm for the subject. A college trained musician she has been teaching piano for over 5 years to all ages and levels up to grade 8 standard, so has developed her own unique style of teaching which has proven to be successful and popular with all her students, and it's these simple methods that we have built ASAPiano around. It's simple, it works!

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