Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Are there any software or hardware requirements I need on my computer to use the course?
A) No, any standard PC, laptop, Playstation, mobile device or Apple Mac will have all the required software and hardware to use the course.

Inside the members area:
Inside the members area

See the technical guide here>>

Q) Is A.S.A.Piano a monthly subscription course like the other ones I've seen online?
A) No way! Everything you need to learn the course is provided straight away as an instant download. It is a one off, 100% money back guaranteed payment. You get the entire Course plus Theory Made Easy, including a lifetime membership to the teaching forum where you will receive one -to-one help if you require it as soon as your payment has been processed.

Q) So, about the forum. Is it free to ask any questions including things not covered in the course?
A) Yes, you will get as much help as you need and as long as your question is related to music then it will be answered as promptly and clearly as possible.

Q) I'm a little bit worried about paying for things online. How do I know your website is safe to buy on?
A) Your payments are 100% safe because I use Clickbank as my payment processor. This means I do not keep any of your card details on file and the transaction is performed on a secure server. You will see the hackersafe logo on Clickbank secure order form when you make your purchase.

Q) Am I too old or too young to learn piano?
A) Read the oldest student is 73 and I regularly receive emails from him about the progress he is making. I believe Molly is my youngest student at 11 years old at the time of writing this.

Q) Where are you based?
A) A.S.A.Piano is based in the UK, however due to the wonders of technology this does not mean that you cannot use the course wherever you live. There are A.S.A.Piano students across the globe including Australia, India and the US all making excellent progress.

Q) Do I need any musical knowledge at all before starting the course?
A) Absolutely not. I have the developed the course for students who have never even sat at a piano before, however you can still use the course material if you can already play piano and still want to learn some fantastic songs.

Q) How often do I need to practice?
A) I would recommend that you try and practice for about 30 minutes per day, but even 10 minutes playing the Contrary Motion Super Bonus Exercise or just playing a section of a song is still very beneficial.

Q) What is the 'Instant Playing System' about?
A) I have developed the 'Instant Playing System' to enable students to learn great songs at whatever time suits them. You can learn a section of a song and then simply pick up from where you left off next time you practice. The lessons show fingering, notes, chords and rhythm along with detailed overhead video of me playing the piece, plus audio support and printed sheets. No other teaching course provides this and it makes learning any song very easy.

Q) If I am not satisfied with your lessons, can I ask for a refund?
A) I promise that you will receive a full 100% Money Back Guarantee within 2 months if you are not 100% happy with the course, with no questions asked with a prompt and courteous refund.

Those are a selection of frequently asked questions but if you wish to know anything more about A.S.A.Piano then please contact me and I will always answer your email personally:

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