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SamanthaDear Fellow Music Lover.

I’m Samantha Griffiths and I’m a professional piano teacher, musician and songwriter. I teach all levels and all ages and my passion for teaching is driven by seeing complete beginners making quick progress with their playing and getting enjoyment from learning to play the piano.

I remember when I was first learning, really wanting to be able to play songs and music on the piano that I liked. A big part of my teaching now is showing my students how to play songs that they particularly enjoy and by doing so they gain in enthusiasm and improve far quicker than if I was to just have them repeating scales and exercises over and over again.

To learn you have feel motivated, be inspired and have a goal and this cannot be achieved unless the learning process is both enjoyable and rewarding.

With this in mind I have put together the A.S.A.Piano Video Course which teaches all levels, from beginner to advanced, how to play a repertoire of popular songs that are easy to learn but also challenging enough to improve technique, co-ordination and timing. All of my private students use the material and all of them find it a great way to learn and fun to play.

So that I can provide you with as much help as possible I have also set up an exclusive learning forum where I am able to answer any questions you may have regarding playing the songs in your very own 1 hour repertoire, in effect providing you with one-to-one tuition.

In other words I am in this with you… all the way through to you learning the full song repertoire.