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Beginners Piano & Keyboard Lesson

If you are a complete beginner then you’ll know already that there are some basic requirements to becoming a good piano or keyboard player.

The main obstacle that most beginners trip up on is right and left hand co-ordination. At times it probably seems an impossible thing to be able to do, but in all honesty do you remember what it was like learning to ride a bike? It seemed like you would never be able to do it didn’t it, then one day you looked over your shoulder and realized Dad or older brother had let go of the seat behind you and you were off!

Well coordinating your hands on piano or keyboard is no different. One day it just clicks and you wonder why you could never do it before.

If coordinating your right and left hand wasn’t enough then just to make it even more complicated some bright spark then decided to add a foot pedal for sustain into the equation! This is also another thing for beginners to contend with.

The good news is that there are plenty of simple exercises and tips that can make the whole process much easier to learn.

This short video shows you the very basics required to understand musical theory and to get any beginner up and running along the right track. It also provides you with enough knowledge to play songs using the Instant Play System.

Watch this very simple guide for beginners to piano:

So now that you’ve learned the basics, why not learn to play a complete CLASSIC song it just One Hour
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