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How to use the Sustain Pedal

by samantha on June 27, 2012

The sustain pedal on the Piano and Keyboard is a great feature because it allows you to putĀ  further expression to your playing, by adding more reverb to the appearance of your music.

If you have a grand, upright or digital piano, then these will have 3 different pedals. The one you need to concentrate on is the main sustain pedal which is the 3rd pedal if looking down to the right.

As a beginner it is important that you are 100% comfortable playing your music before adding something else into the equation that requires co-ordination! For example you should be able to play your song with your eyes closed or at least not looking down at the keys for most of the music!

A simple exercise to incorporate the pedal is to: -

  1. Press the pedal down on the 1st beat of the music and holdĀ for 4 beats, release on the 4th beat and back down again the the 1st beat.
  2. You will feel it in your music if it has been down for to long & you will then sense when to release the pedal.

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