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Reading Music

I am really struggling to read the music fastly and confidently and this is affecting me when I am playing my music as I am hesitating?

If you are struggling to keep up with the speed of your music and are out of time because your hesitating as you’re not sure which note is next then you need to slow your music down to a speed that you can follow and work out the notes confidently, and I would also suggest doing a note test, and do this daily, so just look at random pieces of music, and write the notes in pencil on the pieces, then when you see your teacher – get them to check the notes to make sure they are correct. If you don’t have a teacher, then check them from your worksheet or book that has taught you how to reads music.

Also what I find that helps is to do some BASIC sight-reading, so find some music that is quite simple and maybe play hands separately to start with and SAY THE NOTES as you PLAY them. This will also build up your confidence with reading music.

Learning to read music is like learning another language, so it takes patience and lots of practice to get you up to a good level to be able to play pieces of music confidently.