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I am struggling to grasp the rhythm of my piece of music when I try and do it hands together?

If you are struggling with putting a piece of music hands together, then make sure you are 100% confident of what you are doing HANDS SEPARATELY, so make sure you are confident of your notes, and where they are on the keyboard. To do a piece WELL hands together you need to be confident in both hands what is required of you to play….

Once you are 100% about your piece hands separately, now try putting it back together, but don’t try and do it all HANDS TOGETHER, work on a small section, so maybe just the first LINE of your music.

If you find that one particular bar you are struggling with then repeat just that BAR hands together until you finally get it.

So the trick with pieces and co-ordination is to break it down into SMALLER sections hands together and work through it this way until you have reached the end of it. Keep doing it in this format until you’re confident to play the piece all the way through hands together.