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Teaching Kids Piano

Tips For Teaching Kids

Have you got a child that is always on the go, and quite hyperactive? Or maybe your child is always singing and laughing, and likes to be the centre of attention, well maybe learning to play the piano would be a good idea for them. This would help them channel all their energies into something new and exciting! If children start to learn quite young and it is something they really enjoy, you will find that they will continue to play the piano for years, so when they are a teenager it will give them opportunities that they wouldn’t necessarily get if they wasn’t playing an instrument…They will be able to perform in local shows and concerts, and it is also good for interacting with other people.

Learning to play piano is also very good for building confidence….sometimes people lack confidence in themselves, so if you are learning the piano, you enjoy it and are quite good at it…It will be something that is recognised, and all the positive comments you get from people will help with your own personal confidence and will build your self esteem.

When I was a child and started learning the keyboard I was only four, and I wasn’t a particularly confident child, but learning the piano and having regular lessons really helped build my confidence…if it hadn’t been for music, then I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Learning the piano was something that I really enjoyed and is something that I am passionate about. It was something that I was quite good at, and throughout school I was given numerous opportunities to perform, and again, if it wasn’t for music and me playing the piano, I would have never had the opportunity to do all of these things. My parents sacrificed quite a lot so that I could have regular piano lessons, and also once I started taking my exams this all cost extra money….My parents never complained though, as they knew it was something that I really enjoyed doing, and I cannot thank them enough for helping me continue my studies when I was growing up.

I still play the piano regularly now, and I teach the piano, and none of this could have been possible without my parents support as a child. If you enjoy playing the piano as much as I do, then it becomes a huge part of your life, and is something that will take up quite a lot of your time, I was always playing my piano, and it stopped me going out and being a nuisance, like some of my friends use to do….I was never the sort of child that hung around the streets, but I believe part of the reason for this was my music, as it took up all my spare time and more, so I never had the chance to get bored like lots of my friends did.

So if you believe that your child would really benefit from learning the piano and to start including music in their lives, read below my useful tips on how to get your child started and prepared for their piano lessons. You don’t necessarily need any musical knowledge to help get your child started, hopefully my easy to follow guide will enable you to learn a bit about music too!!