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How can I improve my timing if I am struggling to stay in time CONSISTENTLY through a piece?

If you have a digital piano, then it should have a built in METRONOME or BEAT BOX on it.

What I suggest is that you set your metronome to say around TEMPO 60, which is quite slow, in a 4/4 rhythm, and try playing along to this. You will find that this is quite hard to do, but if you practice playing pieces REGULARLY with a metronome, it’s sure to IMPROVE your timing. If you keep losing the timing with the piece of music that you are struggling with then break it down to hands separately, and maybe do ONE line at a time. Also try CLAPPING your music in TIME with the metronome; this will also help improve your technique.

If you have an upright piano then you can buy METRONOMES from any music shop, or go online and download a metronome.