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Gospel music is one of the best loved types of music and originates from the deep south of America.

Gospel was originally formed when slaves were sent from Africa to America, and as part of unity they put together the structure of gospel music which kept them going through the hard times in their lives.

Many Gospel songs evoke joy & happiness and when a gospel choir sings it brings the whole community together. Gospel music is very often linked with Christianity and can be heard throughout the world.

If you listen carefully to gospel songs you will often hear the keyboard or piano line is a major influence in the music. Most gospel songs follow a similar pattern and structure which makes them the perfect song choices for a budding beginner to keyboard and piano.

When watching a gospel band you may see that most musicians donít require any sheet music. This is because they are usually taught from a young age in church and become so familiar with the songs that they play them by ear and donít require musical score.

Playing by ear gives you so much freedom in your playing, which is why so many gospel bands train themselves learning from each other using memory techniques.

Maybe you want to play some simple gospel songs at your church and get people to join in singing with you or even accompany a choir?

The following gospel songs are great for beginners to play because they are quite easy to pick up even if you are unable to read music:

Amazing Grace | Down By The Riverside | Swing Low Sweet Chariot | I Believe | Halleluiah | Go Tell It On The Mountain | Seeing Is Believing | What A Friend I have In Jesus | Will The Circle Be Unbroken | I Give Myself Away

Let It Be

Click the player below to hear just a few of the 'Gospel Collection' arrangements that you can soon be playing, even if you are a complete beginner:

Start Playing Your Own Impressive Song Repertoire Today.

The Gospel Collection

Amazing Grace | Seeing Is Believing | Halleluiah | Go Tell It On The Mountain | I Give Myself Away | What A Friend I Have In Jesus | Down By The Riverside | Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot | Will Circle Be Unbroken | I Believe

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