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Technical Advice

PC/Apple Mac These files are zipped so once downloaded you will need to unzip them. It is unlikely that your computer will not have the software to perform this operation as just about any operating system has a pre-installed program to do this.

You can find a free PC unzip software here: Click Here >>

And an Apple Macintosh version here: Click Here >>

Once you have unzipped the files then you will find the songs videos, audio files and PDF support sheets.

Please note that you can also connect directly to the files online via an internet connection by clicking on the iPad and mobile links on the download page. These should open in any web browser and be of good quality.

iPad / mobile and small handheld devices There are 2 methods for you to view your lessons on iPad or mobile devices.
1) Download the files to your PC and then upload them to your chosen device
2) View directly online via the links provided on the download page. These are hi-resolution MP4 files.

*Please note, for best viewing on iPad then I recommend the following 2 free apps from the
Apple Store:

To unpack the larger zipped files on your iPad then you can use iZip. Download here >>
To view PDF files on your iPad then use FileApp. Download here >>

Sony Playstation There are 2 methods for watching your lessons on Playstation.
1) Download the main PC files, put them onto a memory stick and view them offline.
2) If your Playstation has access to the internet then you can view the video lessons and audio directly online via the iPad and moblie link on the download page.

There is no method for viewing PDF files on the Playstation so you will need to print these off separately via your PC.

Xbox Currently there is no online web browser for Xbox, however whilst writing this technical document Im aware that one will be implemented for Xbox in the near future.

With that in mind, the way to watch the lessons on Xbox currently is to download the files to a PC and upload to your Xbox using a memory stick.

Hopefully these simple technical instructions are enough to get you going learning your one hour song repertoire but should you have problems then do not hesitate to contact me directly.

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For each song lesson there are several options available, including full download or streamed to view directly online.

Inside the members area

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